Young Professionals Network Kitsap (YPN)

Unifying Community through Ambitious Minds and Committed Hearts

Our Story.

Young Professionals Network Kitsap (YPN Kitsap) started off with a very simple and yet profound question. Where is Kitsap county going? We all know the that there is an incredibly strong military presence here. We all know Kitsap has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. We all know as transportation becomes more convenient, more and more people will start flocking to Kitsap. With all this change happening so quickly and so soon, what will Kitsap look like in the coming years? Who will lead us into a more prosperous and fulfilling future? As the world changes and more events that threaten our free and prosperous lives, who will protect us? We believe the answer is synergy. We believe that to build a strong community that thrives in the face adversity and change, we need to come together and be one.

We start by solving a problem that has been elusive to us but very important to our economy. Our military and veteran community. There is an existence of two physically located communities, military and nonmilitary, that are incredibly socially isolated from one another. Transactionally, we need each other. Hundreds of military and veteran families are relocated to Kitsap county every year. Completely displaced from their homes, family, and friends and thrown into community that is a complete enigma to them. We believe that, as community, we need to be the ones reaching out to them, welcoming those displaced and alone members of our Armed Forces and their families into our loving world. A synergy of the communities.

Second, we bridge the gap between those who are leaders in our community and those who aspire to be leaders in our community but don’t know how or where to start. With our desire to develop and hold impactful events, our goal is to empower the next generation of community leaders to political figures. To awaken that special something in each one of us to do something impactful and fulfilling with our lives. So we can sleep soundly knowing we are working to help change the worlds of those around us through influence and positive reinforcement. A synergy within ourselves.

We ask you to join us so you can help us with these causes that has no champion. We ask you to allow us to come along side you in your lifelong journey to reach something you’ve always been searching for.